Natural Pet Care for the Health Conscious

Health conscious pet lovers have experienced the benefits of natural health care and prevention for themselves and their families.
They often want to know how they can adapt natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle to support their pet’s health and quality of life.
Deciding what is safe or appropriate for one’s pet and sorting through the overwhelming variety of choices can be a challenge.

Dr. Victoria Dale-Harris is a holistic veterinarian and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto with a veterinary house call practice focusing on naturopathic care for animals.
Whether their interest is prevention and wellness or a holistic approach for a chronic problem, Dr. Dale-Harris works with her clients to help them make wise lifestyle choices and provide the tools to support their pet’s health through all life stages.

Integrative Medicine

Every animal is unique. Holistic or Integrative Medicine is a comprehensive approach that looks at the whole animal not just the current “disease” or symptom. It combines appropriate treatments and diagnostics from both alternative and conventional medicine to develop a treatment plan for the individual animal.

Dr. Dale-Harris makes specific recommendations for each animal using a variety of diagnostics and therapies including nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic

It is recommended that all clients maintain  an active relationship with their primary veterinarian because the practice does not offer an in-clinic service and focuses on alternative medicine.  Dr. Dale-Harris is pleased to consult with your primary veterinarian to discuss recommendations for diagnostics and treatments and to  work together for optimal pet care. Clients who do not have a primary veterinarian can request a referral.

Environmental Toxins

Many animal lovers are aware of the potential health effects of the growing levels of toxins in our everyday lives. They are looking for practical guidance in reducing their pets’ exposure.

Dr. Dale-Harris has a particular interest in environmental medicine and the effects of environmental toxicity. It has a lasting impact on our own and our pets’ health as well as that of future generations and the environment.

As part of the lifestyle medicine focus of her practice, Dr. Dale-Harris helps pet owners identify and reduce or eliminate possible sources of toxins support elimination of their accumulated toxin load.

Planning for Wellness

Wellness is a state of abundant health and vitality, not just an absence of disease.

We plan for many things in our lives today and good health should be one of them.
Unfortunately, for the majority of us including our animal family members, this is no longer something that we can just take for granted.

Prevention is the key. As the keepers of our pets’ health, the informed choices and investments we make today will pay off tomorrow in helping them live a long, healthy and happy life.


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